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Our Shop

Welcome!  We are a family run shop that provide our customers with expert clothing alterations and custom fitting at a competitive price.

We accept almost anything that will fit under our machines!  Besides altering formal and casual wear, we make curtains, pillow covers, table cloths, and repair leather clothing and accessories.  We are also a Wedding Dress specialist.

We take pride and care in the Quality of our work. Come visit us and let us work on your clothes for that ultimate fit!



  • All clothing must be clean.

  • All items left over 30 days will be donated to charity

  • We are only responsible for the alterations we measure.

  • We require payment in advance.

  • We accept cash, check, credit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay.

  • No returns accepted 15 days after pickup.

  • Please check your pickup items before leaving the store.

  • Our Claim Ticket is required for pickup.


Alteration Tips


  • Cotton will shrink, so pre-wash your clothing before altering.

  • Bring proper height shoes to the fitting.

  • We only press where we sew!  Please allow plenty of time afterwards to have your clothes pressed at a Dry Cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does an alteration cost?

    • The cost of an alteration job varies depending on the type of garment and the work that has to be done to that piece of clothing. Please call CC Tailors for base prices. Please visit our store with your garment so we can provide you a quote.

  • How long do I have to wait for my clothing?

    • Our turn-around time is usually three (3) days. It may take longer if we are busy, or it may take only a short while when we are not. Rush jobs are put in our priority line, but for a fee.

  • Do I have to bring my shoes for pants / jeans alterations?

    • It is ideal to bring the pair of shoes that you are wearing with your pants. Please bring your dress shoes for your formal pants.

  • Do I have to set an appointment?

    • All walk-ins are welcome as our store is open Monday to Friday from 9AM – 6PM, and on Saturdays from 9AM – 5PM. Brides can set an appointment for more time as wedding dresses require a lot of work.

  • What service do you offer for Brides?

    • Aside from the usual fitting and alterations, we can also re-style your dress and sew your veils and ring pillows. We can also make your dream wedding dress!

  • Do you offer pressing as a service?

    • Yes, it can be done. Please visit CC Tailors with your garment for a quote.

  • Can you clean my clothes?

    • Sorry, we don’t offer cleaning services.

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